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The Solomon Law Group, P.A. offers alternative dispute resolution services to businesses, insurance adjusters, professionals and others. Our firm provides business litigation legal services to represented and unrepresented parties, and we handle multi-party civil disputes or cases where professionals and experts may already be involved.   Our law firm has over 50 years of combined experience in court, training in different areas of the law, and heightened sensitivity to the needs of different disputants, we are able to assist parties in being heard, while at the same time introducing them to the risks of proceeding with litigation.  Our litigation lawyer’s approach regularly results in practical, viable, and sustainable solutions at every phase of business litigation.  The civil litigation side of our practice focuses on commercial and business litigation, including trials, arbitrations, and mediations in the areas of securities, brokerage firm disputes and investments, real estate, antitrust, corporations, partnerships, contracts, commercial code, labor and employment, intellectual property, business torts, banking, insurance, commercial landlord-tenant, regulatory agency, and administrative law.  Our civil trial attorneys have appeared regularly in Federal and State court including the Florida Supreme court.  Our firm is recognized in the legal community as a top civil litigation firm in Florida.  

 Our firm designs civil litigation strategies tailored to individual or business needs and situations. We represent clients in all forms of dispute resolution:

Mediation – intercession by a third party to guide parties to an agreement in a dispute.
Arbitration – a formal process to hear, determine, and settle a dispute between two parties without the delay of waiting for a court decision.
Litigation – the act of contesting a legal action in court.

You can trust that the Solomon Law Group will provide you an accurate assessment of your civil case, as well as chances of success at each stage of civil litigation.

Our Business Litigation lawyers facilitate with:

Business Litigation and debt collections
Mediation and arbitration
Employment law and employment disputes
Employee contracts and disputes
Dissolution and winding up of a business
Business litigation in Federal courts
Alternative dispute resolution (i.e., mediation and arbitration)

We offer a free consultation.  Please call 813-225-1818 to discuss your legal matter. 

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